IMPORTANT - please read carefully

Over the past few months there has been various changes. to policy and procedures from Government and Scouts Victoria that we have had to review and implement where necessary.  With the change of Warden and the launch of this website it seemed a good time to introduce these procedures as of  1st March 2020



The cabins will need to be vacated by 11.00am on day of departure and Campsites 12.30pm.  The gate will be locked at 1.00pm and a $50 release fee will be charged if Warden still on site otherwise $100 if manager has to attend.

We have not in the past pursued deposits as a lot of customers were regulars and we knew they would be coming. However we have been getting more and more people not turning up and whilst we appreciate that emergencies do occur 'no shows' do affect us.  This is especially relevant at busy times when we often have to turn people away only to find we have vacancies.

As of 1st March 2020 any booking will have to be confirmed with a deposit.  

The amount at normal times will be equivalent to 1 nights stay.   This amount is the total price for accommodation, plus the  per head charge & camping fee. eg a family of 6 staying in the Lodge would be Lodge $60 accomodation plus 6 x per head fees $60     Total deposit -  $120 

On public holiday weekends or from 20th December  to 5 January the deposit will be $200 or the total cost of your stay - whichever is the lesser amount.

Bookings made within 14 days of arrival will need to be paid for in full at time of booking.



PRICES CHANGES - effective 1st March 2020

Always a delicate subject.


There have been some changes to prices that you may have been quoted and as per our existing Terms and Conditions the price you will be charged is the one that is current on the day of your arrival NOT when you booked

Please see the booking form for new prices.  

Any 'special or discounted price' will need to be reviewed and I would ask you to contact me direct to discuss, otherwise the normal price will apply. 


A significant change has been made to our open fire policy.  Please read the new policy here.

This applies to cabin heaters too

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