East Tyers Rail Trail Project


Caringal Scout camp have secured funding from Parks Victoria to clear the East Tyers Rail Trial from its start at the Camp all the way to the main Moe-Walhalla Road.  This is approximately 10 kilometres.


Bookings to do the work should be made with the campsite direct but tell the Warden you are staying for the project.  You can stay at any time provided we have the space available


The plan is for groups - scout and non-scout - under instruction from one of our organisers, to slowly move up the trail from the camp clearing it as they progress.  Caringal will provide FREE accommodation, including cabins, when/if available, for a weekend to these groups provided they commit 5 hours of their time at the camp to this project.  It is proposed  that the work will happen on Saturdays.  Otherwise the time is your own to do with what you please.


How we envisage it working is that two or three adults will move forward with bush cutters clearing the ground/footprint of the original trail which, for best part is about 2-2.5meters wide.  We would suggest for scouts and above to aim for a 50m section for Cubs and Joeys 20m.  Pruning of overhanging vegetation should also take place using equipment provided.  The rest of the party will then follow with rakes, shovels etc clearing up the debris.  One of the main 'weeds' is tea tree and some brambles.  The debris needs to be cut into smaller amounts and left in neat pies for collection later.  We want each section cleared properly before moving on to the next.

IMPORTANT .  Any tree/sapling etc that is too big for the bushcutter should be cut off with handsaws to a height of a meter out of the ground.  This allows our tractor to pull them out.

Any fallen trees across the trail should be left and their location passed to the warden.  Our own people will arrange for the removal of these.


Caringal will supply all the necessary equipment but would recommend that everyone brings their own gloves.


All accomodation is FREE but you will have to bring any camping gear as you would for a normal camp.  No food or meals are provided.  Whilst cabins are free a $50 bond is required on arrival for each cabin used to cover lost keys and to make sure cabins are left as they are found.  This will be returned after your camp ad a credit card is preferred for this.


Any questions prior to arrival can be directed at myself dc.mtbawbaw@scoutsvictoria.com.au or the warden manager.caringal@outlook.com.au.  On the day speak with the organiser or the Warden

Thank you for showing interest in this project and we look forward to seeing you