Scout groups

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Caringal is a Scout Campsite - which is also open to the public.  So far we have been successful in combining the two to work to everyones benefit.

As Caringal is a scout site, scout groups are given a large discount on any hirings provided they are taking part in a genuine scouting activity.  


The discount does not apply if a youth member goes on a camping holiday with their family.  This would be treated as a public booking.  The Warden has been told to be vigilant about this.

If, however it's a large family camp organised by the Group then yes it would qualify.  The same as a Troop, Cub or Joey camp.  A rough benchmark is 'is it a camp which requires you to arrive and leave in uniform and you're going to have a flag break each day". If the answer to this is "Yes" then you would qualify for the scout discount. 

Patrol camps are welcome too with some small sites available

What is the discount I hear . . . . . . .

  • There is a flat camping fee of $5 per head per night with no site fees.  

  • Any cabins, mess hall or bunkhouse are discounted by 30% with again the $5 per head fee.

  • The Troop hall is available for sleeping for an overnight stay such as a cub or joey sleep over


Where do you camp? 

Unless you ask otherwise we put scout camps on the top of the hill past the carpark.  This is open and has a separate unisex toilet block.  If we have Groups camping we can arrange to shut the main shower/toilets to the public for a suitable time each day so the youth can have a shower etc.  If there are a large number of Groups staying we have to use the main camping ground but again we can shut the main toilets each day.