COVID Vaccination Policy



Due to the fact we have limited staff and it is impossible for us to monitor the multiple scenarios of the various policies it has been decided that we will have a constant policy across the site for public use.  As stated on the front page all members of the public, 16 years of age or over, will have to prove - ON ARRIVAL - that they are either fully vaccinated (both doses) or exempt.  


The onus is for the individual to provide this information before being permitted to be on the site.

For the moment this also applies to school and youth groups but this may change in the next stage


For all bona fide scouting events Scouts Victoria policy applies. Click here for the policy



I would urge that all people coming to Caringal make themselves aware of this policy as we will be refusing entry to anyone that cannot comply.  


The Wardens decision is final   


I would also stress that Scouts Victoria will not tolerate any abuse, verbal or physical, towards it staff.  Anyone who does this will be asked to leave and banned from the site.  Scouts Victoria may take legal action against that person(s).

This applies to all bookings from 23 October 2021 and applies to new and existing bookings 

Your understanding and cooperation is very much appreciated

Rick Bradley