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Caringal is a Scouts Victoria Campsite and warmly welcomes all Scout Groups from everywhere!

We prioritise scout bookings and, although we are also open to the public, we have the necessary arrangements to accommodate both scout and public on the one camp ground.

We offer a large discount to scout groups - see below - provided it is a bonafide scout activity.  The bench mark we use is that you arrive in uniform, wear a group scarf during your stay and have at least one parade.

We hold Stradbroke Cup, Cohen Shield and many other District and State events here.  Many groups that come for the first time through these events, are taken in by Caringal and return independently.



For scout events (as detailed above) we charge  $5  per head per night. Youth & Adults.

Cabins are discounted and there are no camp fees for members in a cabin.  Click here for price list



Contact the Booking Officer

0432 853210

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